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You like our products and want to share them with others?
By sharing exciting knowledge, find an income and the chance to realize your dreams!

In 45 minutes, discover the opportunity offered by SynerJ-Health by freely following the weekly presentation
SynerJ-Health business opportunity every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

By becoming a SynerJ-Health representative, you will experience a meaningful business, human values, and a salary that matches your ambitions. You will build your success by building a team and you will give yourself the chance to reach your goals.

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Dare to change your life

The natural wellness sector is booming and we are happy to welcome new partners every day. You don't need to have any initial knowledge or a commercial profile: your sensitivity for natural products, a little time and the desire to build your success are your assets. We offer you the next step.

Imagine what you would do with your new income: a different decor, a Jacuzzi, a helping hand for the children, a vacation far away, a motor home, a good deed... For all these motivations, plus your own, take advantage of this offer! SynerJ-Health has been a player in the market for over twenty years. Other people before you have had the opportunity to develop a network that today brings them personal recognition as well as comfortable and lasting remuneration.
Say YES to your desires and join them in a group that knows how to combine mutual aid, success and professionalism.

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Succeed with SynerJ-Health

Because our products are unique, safe and effective, and because they respond to the concerns of a large public that is increasingly concerned with daily well-being. Your gift assets when you join SynerJ-Health:

  • Tools, a private Internet space and online educational resources
  • An interface to place your orders, monitor your activity and that of your affiliates, consult your commission statements, your dashboards, independently or with the help of our assistants
  • Your own web page for your communications
  • A personal store link
  • And the logistical means, advice and training, the support and supervision of a whole benevolent team.

To progress you are invited to participate in :

  • online and face-to-face training sessions
  • meetings, conferences, exchange days with teams and leaders
  • Challenges highlighting the best successes



Live your dreams

You are seduced? Let our partners and collaborators guide you. Like everyone else, you have friends, neighbors and relatives. On any occasion, it will be easy for you to talk to them about SynerJ-Health, and then to go further by simply bringing them together over a drink or a coffee. Take advantage of every encounter in life to change your own.

One of the strengths of direct sales is the ability to develop a network: by offering career opportunities, you will accompany your teams in their own growth, increasing your commitment and your compensation.

300, 500, 1000, 5000, 10 000 € how much more would you like to earn per month?

You can be ambitious! At SynerJ-Health additional commissions are generated on several lines and depths, without any limit.

The more involved you are, the more benefits you accumulate.

  • A starter program for your first year of activity,
  • The monthly podium that rewards your recruitments
  • Privileged offers
  • A VIP club with advantages on a range of goods and services
  • Challenges



4 good reasons to join SynerJ-Health

Independent but never alone- A completely independent organization: no minimum number of contacts to make, the choice of your schedule and your objectives
- An active or quiet growth, according to your desires, by reconciling private and professional life
Net remuneration
- Regular monthly income from your first sale
- No entrance fees, no stock, no cash advance
A career- An attractive compensation plan, a motivating reward program, unlimited progression
- The opportunity to grow and manage a team
- Unique, safe and effective products, technical and scientific support
- Zero risk: your only risk is to succeed

I want to join the team



SynerJ-Health Member of the FVD since 2011

The Fédération de la Vente Directe is committed to promoting a distribution channel in France based on a code of ethics that guarantees rigor, reliability and professionalism. SynerJ-Health is proud to have been a member for over 10 years. Being validated by the FVD represents a guarantee of quality and confidence for our clients.

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